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Faculty and students at The Graham School integrate technology into learning.

From the Superintendent

Greenburgh-Graham Union Free School District
1 South Broadway
Hastings-on-Hudson, New York 10706
Dear Parents and Families,                                        September 1, 2015
The Greenburgh-Graham School District continues to offer state of the art programs focusing on curriculum  standards, assessments, and instruction in maximizing learning opportunities for students  and developing character. Teachers in grades K-12 are working alongside curriculum coaches and administrators to align and adapt curriculum and implement new rigorous and engaging curriculum.  
The District continues to offer programs like Credit Recovery, which provides students with the chance to work at an independent pace with the support of staff as they earn high school credits and work towards graduation. Many of our students are motivated to recover the credits they may have missed due to transitions and challenges in their lives. There are several other programs that also provide students with the chance to redefine themselves as students and become engaged in learning.
The Project-Based Learning Program offers experiential learning in which students actively participate in the process of acquiring, processing, interpreting and synthesizing information. This comprehensive instructional approach requires that students begin with inquiry and collaborate with their teachers and peers to learn through a discovery process. Through this program, students will learn and utilize 21st century technology as they conduct research and develop projects which synthesize the content learning in three courses: Living Environment, English and Global Studies.
We also offer all standards based programs in our kindergarten through high school programs in classrooms with a low student teacher ratio. As a result of the dedicated and cohesive administrative, teaching and support staff and the continual collaborative approach to curriculum and instruction based on current research, we have excellent results with our students!
We are  committed to creating a positive school environment.  Throughout each school year, we take time re-teaching behavioral expectations in all settings.  We expect our students to conduct themselves appropriately.  We expect the behaviors to carry to the home, cottages and community.  We use Collaborative Problem Solving, a strength-based approach, to empower students to set goals.  
Parents and families are invited to events throughout the year and are regularly contacted by faculty and staff.   Please call us if you are interested in becoming more involved through our Family Staff Association. 
Amy Goodman
Superintendent of Schools

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