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Dear Parents and Families,

The Greenburgh-Graham School District continues to offer state of the art programs focusing on curriculum  standards, assessments, and instruction in maximizing learning opportunities for students  and developing character. Teachers in grades K-12 are working alongside curriculum coaches and administrators to align and adapt curriculum and implement new rigorous and engaging curriculum.  

The District continues to offer programs like Credit Recovery, which provides students with the chance to work at an independent pace with the support of staff as they earn high school credits and work towards graduation. Many of our students are motivated to recover the credits they may have missed due to transitions and challenges in their lives. There are several other programs that also provide students with the chance to redefine themselves as students and become engaged in learning.

The Project-Based Learning Program offers experiential learning in which students actively participate in the process of acquiring, processing, interpreting and synthesizing information. This comprehensive instructional approach requires that students begin with inquiry and collaborate with their teachers and peers to learn through a discovery process. Through this program, students will learn and utilize 21st century technology as they conduct research and develop projects which synthesize the content learning in three courses: Living Environment, English and Global Studies.

We also offer all standards based programs in our kindergarten through high school programs in classrooms with a low student teacher ratio. As a result of the dedicated and cohesive administrative, teaching and support staff and the continual collaborative approach to curriculum and instruction based on current research, we have excellent results with our students!

We are  committed to creating a positive school environment.  Throughout each school year, we take time re-teaching behavioral expectations in all settings.  We expect our students to conduct themselves appropriately.  We expect the behaviors to carry to the home, cottages and community.  We use Collaborative Problem Solving, a strength-based approach, to empower students to set goals.  

Parents and families are invited to events throughout the year and are regularly contacted by faculty and staff.   Please call us if you are interested in becoming more involved through our Family Staff Association. 



Amy Goodman

Superintendent of Schools

District News

  • Summer Reading

    Is summer reading on your mind? Click here for links to websites with suggested books for students of all ages!

    Grades K-5



    Greenburgh-Graham Union Free School District
  • FSA's Annual Multicultural Dinner

    Greenburgh Graham UFSD presents FSA's Multicultural Dinner

    Thursday, May 11, 2017



    Transportation to the school will be provided promptly at 5:30pm from the Woodlawn Train Station. The bus will be departing back to Woodlawn from the school at 8:00pm. Join us for professional family photos, free book giveaways, student dance performances, and much more!

    Ziccolella Elementary School
  • "We Are The Dream" A Celebration of Black History Month

    To celebrate Black History Month, the district will be having an assembly so all students can share in the theme: “We Are The Dream” Continuing the Love , Faith and Message of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.. There will be a wonderful student and faculty performance that combines dancing, readings and singing, based on historical events that occurred during the Civil Rights Movement.  

    Greenburgh-Graham Union Free School District
  • The Talent Show is Almost Here!

    Students from the Ziccolella Middle School and PBL will be performing in a talent show on February 3rd at 10:00AM. Family and friends are welcome to attend.

    Ziccolella Middle School
  • The Graham School Talent Show

    The Ziccolella Elementary School students will be performing in a talent show on Friday,  February 3rd at 10:00 AM.   Practice is in full swing. Family and friends are invited to attend the show.

    Ziccolella Elementary School
  • District Fundraising

    We're partnering with Yankee Candle Fundraising and Home & Family Fundraising by Yankee Candle to help achieve our goal this year. To help support us click on the attachments below and order items online. Your purchases ship directly to your home and our school receives 40% of each sale.

    Greenburgh-Graham Union Free School District
  • 8th Annual Fall Fling Picnic

    Our wonderful students from Greenburgh Graham Union Free School District will, once again, be serving the seniors and adding smiles to their faces. Our ever loyal “cooks,” the Rivertowns Rotary members, will be grilling, as will the faculty from Greenburgh Graham UFSD.  The 8th annual Fall Fling picnic will take place Wednesday, September 28, 2016 from 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM. Registration begins at 11:30 and doors open at 11:45.

    Martin Luther King Jr. High School
  • Scholastic Achievement Winners 2016

    The Greenburgh-Graham School District celebrates the three students who have won achievement awards from The Lower Hudson Council of School Superintendents (LHCSS) over the past two years. These students attended the Carroll Johnson Annual Scholastic Achievement Dinner where they received scholarships alongside other students from high schools in the Lower Hudson region. This year, on Wednesday, May 18, Kiara Cornejo, Salutatorian of the 2016 graduating class of Martin Luther King HS, and a member of the PBL Program, was honored at the 51st annual Achievement Dinner. Our students take pride in their work and their competitive academic achievements.

    Check out the full story below:



    Martin Luther King Jr. High School
  • Every Student, Every Day

    The Greenburgh-Graham School District promotes perfect school attendance. Our initiative “Every Student, Every Day” is our way of ensuring that students come to school daily. Being in school, leads to succeeding in school. Chronic absenteeism is most detrimental factor that prevents students from succeeding.  Student attendance impacts achievement, high school graduation, and college attainment rates all of which affect economic productivity and social progress.


    Source: Balfanz, B., Byrnes, V. (2012). The Importance of Being in School: A Report on Absenteeism in the Nation’s Public Schools. Baltimore: John Hopkins University Center for Social Organization of Schools. 

    Greenburgh-Graham Union Free School District
  • Voices, Hearts, Lives

    High school students worked with artist-in-residence Richard Hoehler, writer, director and performer from Penguin-Random House, to create original pieces which culminated in an original theater production called Voices, Hearts, Lives. For a month and a half, students worked for 1 & 1/2 hours a day, 3 days a week to produce amazing, poignant, introspective narrative pieces which they performed collaboratively for an audience of friends, relatives, and faculty members.

    Greenburgh-Graham Union Free School District

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