Sarah Lawrence Theatre Program

The Graham School is fortunate to have a successful collaborative theatre arts program with Sarah Lawrence College. This partnership program was started about nine years ago. Every week staff and students from the college come to the Graham School to teach our students about theatre arts in fun interactive class lessons. The college students and staff develop helpful mentor relationships with our elementary, middle, and high school students.  They build teamwork skills and teach professional theatre activities in the classroom. Our students learn how to write, perform, and present their own scripts, poems, songs, and plays. They have also seen first-hand how their classwork can “come alive” by acting out and experiencing classic literature such as Shakespeare’s Hamlet.


Over the years we have had hundreds of students involved in various parts of the theatre arts program. It has been invaluable in improving our students’ confidence, teamwork, writing and presentation skills. Through this program students have participated in field trips to Sarah Lawrence College to learn about college, and to gain hands-on experience with lighting, stage management and performance on a college stage. Our students have been able to participate in interactive theatre workshops and attend college theatre performances. This collaborative program teaches valuable skills and gives Graham students an empowering, enjoyable experience and vital connection to the arts.