Research-Based Approaches to Learning

The Greenburgh-Graham UFSD is committed to approaching teaching and learning through a “growth mindset” as researched by Carol Dweck. This research centers around how “…all people perceive their abilities, which plays a key role in their motivation and achievement.” When our students believe in their own ability to learn and think further, they are more successful. As part of our district professional development in this area, we are a participating member of the ACTION (Acting Conscientiously to Ignite Opportunity Now) Collaborative Network. This is a network of schools in Westchester County that to come together with one common goal: to close the Achievement Gap. We are working alongside the other districts and experts in the field to utilizing the research of Dr. Ron Ferguson, Carol Dweck, and Charlotte Danielson. Dr. Ferguson’s latest research has led to the 7 C’s of Effective Instruction, which are shared below. This meaningful professional development enables us to continue to develop and enhance our professional practice and our students’ learning experiences. Try incorporating the language of a growth mindset into your interactions with your children.


The Seven C's of Effective Instruction

Care- Be attentive and sensitive, but don’t coddle.


Confer- Encourage and respect students’ perspectives, but don’t waste class time with idle chatter.


Captivate-Encourage and respect students’ perspectives, but don’t waste class time with idle chatter.


Clarify- Take regular steps to detect and respond to confusion, but don’t tell students the answers.


Consolidate- Regularly summarize lessons to help consolidate learning.


Challenge- Anticipate some resistance, but persist.


Classroom Management- Achieve respectful, orderly, and on task student behavior by using clarity, captivation, and challenge instead of coercion.

The Language of a Growth Mindset