Guitar Club

Guitar is a club focused on musical expression and education. Students build fine motor skills and learn the proper techniques of guitar playing. They also learn about the various style of guitar specifically acoustic and bass. The students gain an intrinsic sense of accomplishment when they are able to put together the pieces of everything they have learned to create an original song. They are exposed to the music of previous generations' guitarists such as Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley and Eric Clapton so they can appreciate the history of music while incorporating it with newer styles.


LGBT is a club that creates a sense of community and offers students a safe haven for self-expression.  The group also exists to help inform the student body about matters of equality.  Gathering as a club enables members  to find their voices and to accept themselves. They have the opportunity to talk to one another and share ideas and experiences while learning coping mechanisms. They learn how to reach out to those who are less accepting in a positive manner. This club enables the students to take pride in who they are and stay positive and healthy which has a long-term positive impact on their lives and the lives of those around them.

Art Club

Art Club is an opportunity for students to have additional exposure to the arts. Each art club meeting, students have a choice of activities they may participate in. Activities include various art medium such as drawing and painting. Students may also create craft projects, like weaving and beading. Gives students an opportunity to experience advanced art in a less structured, more exploratory manner. They are able to explore activities such as beading, weaving, drawing, painting, and sculpture. The club focuses on teaching students about artists, art history, and different artistic periods.

Literary Magazine

Illuminations, the district’s literary magazine, is a collection of original literary and artistic works created by the students. They work both independently and with the support of their teachers to write, graphically design, and produce works of fine art that are published in the magazine. A group of students comprise the editorial team that works on the layout and editing of the magazine. Students take great pride in producing both the artistic works and the magazine itself.

Talent Show Club

Students are excited to be rehearsing their talent show performances! This is a great opportunity to collaborate with peers as they provide feedback for each other and practice to perfect their singing, dancing, and acting routines for the school talent show. Working together enables students to overcome any performance anxiety and bond with new friends.